The following statements are from past L.O.F.Y. residents.

In adhearance with privacy laws, their names have been removed.


To whom it may concern,

My name is … and I am a resident at L.O.F.Y. I have been a resident for 3 months. During this time a lot of positive changes have been made in my life and I owe a lot of it to being a part of the program.

Before I came to the program, I lacked drive and a real grasp on what I wanted in my future, but because of the guidance and support that the program offers I was able to access services that I really didn’t know existed. Currently I am working at a practice firm (PF Solutions) in the Conestoga college campus and because of L.O.F.Y. and their staff I was able to have the courage and drive to pursue this. Now I am gaining valuable work skills, making real world connections to help in my future and it’s all thanks to the support of LO.F.Y.

I feel this is a very essential program that makes a real, memorable difference in the residents life and the way they perceive themselves, and gives them support and resources otherwise not available to them.

Thanks for reading.


In my experience LOFY has provided both a safe environment and a supportive understanding staff willing to both enforce nessisary [sic] disiplen [sic] and creative freedome [sic] to grow. I have been here on two occasions and both times it has helped me feel safe and grow a sence [sic] of confidence and self comfort. It has even proven to provide options and opportunities. I feel I would have been lost without. This place is a wonderful safe haven.


 Being a current resident here at Shelter Link/LOFY, the things that I find great about this organization and shelter is the fact that they are very welcoming and if space is available, they are always willing to take you in when you have nowhere else to go. Other great qualities about the shelter is that they offer assistance and resources in helping you with anything from personal/family issues to education, employment, etc. Also I like that the staff are always supportive and willing to talk with you whenever you need them and they talk to you without judgment or criticism and are accepting of whatever background you come from.

I also enjoy the communal meals that are organized and the donations that come from various places such as the hospital and so forth.

It is really nice that a place like this exists, since there are no other places in comparison in the area. In a nutshell LOFY rocks!